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In our squad classes, your child will advance through three stages of achievement, only moving to the next level after competently fulfilling the requirements of their current stage.

The stingray classes at Marlins Swim School represent the final stage before transitioning to our competitive swimming squads, the Sharks and Marlins. These classes serve as a gateway to competitive swimming, surf lifesaving, water polo, and achieving outstanding results at school carnivals. Our swimming lessons in Mackay are expertly designed to prepare your child for these advanced levels.

Our squad swimming lessons in Mackay, expert coaches work closely with young swimmers to refine their technique, build endurance, and master the intricacies of squad swimming. For those interested in competition, joining the Marlins Swim Academy offers an opportunity to train with our junior and senior squads.

Our Marlins Squad is exclusively for swimmers progressing from the Sharks Squad. We don’t accept direct entrants into the Marlins level but will assess new swimmers to determine if they are ready for the Elite Squad Marlins. At this level, the focus is on developing technical excellence, speed, and stamina

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Our Program Goals


For every child to find swimming lessons an enjoyable experience!


To teach water safety skills and survival as a priority.

Swimming Skills

For every child we touch to enhance their swiming skills.


To promote physical fitness and health in children.


To prioritise physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Our Promises To You!

1. Your child is at the centre of what we do!

Our teachers are constantly looking at your childs stage of development, self esteem and confidence and tailoring the approach to the activities within a lesson to ensure they are happy, gaining confidence and developing at their own pace.

2. We never remain stagnaNT!

We are always reviewing our curriculum, systems and process to ensure they are the very best possible!

3. We believe in giving your child choice

If your child isn't ready to do an activity we do our best to adapt what they are doing to something they are more comfortable with.

4. We believe in giving you choice!

You can choose to buy our products and services or you can choose to abstain...we will not pressure you in the slightest!

5. Providing value

We know you see Marlins as an investment in your child’s future. Our lessons are worth every cent and we are continually told so by our customers.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Our results-driven training program ensures that strong technique develops alongside speed. Advanced skills, such as enhancing race strategy, are also introduced, as your child begins to enjoy swimming as a sport.

At Marlins, the main goal of our squad swimming is to ensure that your child, at any level of the program, can confidently participate, compete, and excel in their school swimming carnival.

Enroll your child in our swimming lessons in Mackay today to ensure they develop essential water skills and confidence. Our learn to swim lessons in Mackay provide a fun, educational, and safe environment for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Join Marlins Swim School’s swimming program in Mackay and watch your child excel in the water!