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Creating proficient swimming skills is essential for Australian children, encompassing not only the ability to swim in pools but also the necessary survival skills for other bodies of water. At Marlins Swim School in Mackay, we offer fun and safe learn-to-swim programs suitable for all ages and skill levels. Our primary objective is to ensure that children are safe in and around water. We aim for them to possess self-rescue skills for critical situations and effective swimming techniques, granting them lifelong competence. Additionally, we strive to foster a love and respect for the water in all of our students, ultimately making them confident and safe swimmers. Our year-round children’s learn-to-swim lessons in Mackay cater to kids aged 3 to 14 years old, generally following our infant swimming lessons. At Marlins Swim School, your child will rapidly build swimming confidence and mastery through five comprehensive stages of achievement, transforming them into accomplished young swimmers. Children benefit from our specially designed training pool, progressive play-based teaching programs, and focused coaching led by our trained and Austswim-certified instructors. Above all, they will relish their time spent splashing and learning in the pool! https://www.traditionrolex.com/44/ 6

Our Program Goals


For every child to find swimming lessons an enjoyable experience!


To teach water safety skills and survival as a priority.

Swimming Skills

For every child we touch to enhance their swiming skills.


To promote physical fitness and health in children.


To prioritise physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Our Promises To You!

1. Your child is at the centre of what we do!

Our teachers are constantly looking at your childs stage of development, self esteem and confidence and tailoring the approach to the activities within a lesson to ensure they are happy, gaining confidence and developing at their own pace.

2. We never remain stagnaNT!

We are always reviewing our curriculum, systems and process to ensure they are the very best possible!

3. We believe in giving your child choice

If your child isn't ready to do an activity we do our best to adapt what they are doing to something they are more comfortable with.

4. We believe in giving you choice!

You can choose to buy our products and services or you can choose to abstain...we will not pressure you in the slightest!

5. Providing value

We know you see Marlins as an investment in your child’s future. Our lessons are worth every cent and we are continually told so by our customers.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Marlins Swim School’s swimming lessons in Mackay are available in the mornings, after school, and on weekends. These classes are structured to meet the developmental needs of older children who can focus for longer durations. Small class sizes enable personalised instruction and correction from teachers while allowing students to learn from their peers.

Our Mackay swimming lessons cover essential skills such as body position, backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and water safety. The engaging, play-based sessions are divided into five competency levels, where your child must master the necessary skills at each level before advancing. This allows them to learn at their own pace alongside peers of similar ability levels, reducing any pressure.

By the conclusion of our learn-to-swim program, your child will be nearly carnival-ready! At this stage, we recommend they join one of our squads, where they can acquire competitive-level skills and advanced racing strategies.

Ensure your child gains confidence and fundamental water safety skills by enrolling them in our swimming classes in Mackay today. Marlins Swim School offers safe, entertaining, and educational learn-to-swim programs for students of all ages and skill levels.

Enroll in the Mackay swimming program at Marlins Swim School and observe your child thrive in the water! Providing premium aquatic education, Marlins Swim School prepares your child for any water-related activities. Don’t miss out on Mackay’s exceptional learn-to-swim lessons at Marlins Swim School!