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Our baby swimming lessons gently foster the natural affinity that babies have with water, building confidence in both the child and, often, the parent. Our baby swimming lessons in Mackay are designed to help babies, even at this early age, make choices about how and when they put their faces in the water. It is a bonding experience like no other and a unique opportunity for connection. Some of our tadpoles are ready to move to starfish swimming lessons at 6 months old, depending on their levels of strength and coordination, but we can keep progressing them in tadpole swimming lessons until they are 9 months old.

What are the learning outcomes for your tadpole class?

1/ Safe entry into the pool by both adults and babies.

2/ Float on the back or surf on the front with movement (bobbing and snaking) around the pool, and return to an upright position with full adult support.

3/ Experience the water’s movement around their bodies in different ways, such as swaying, lifts and bounces, swings and dips, and cradle rock holds, with relaxed support provided by the parent.

4/ Be at ease with water being poured down the back of the head on a clear signal by the adult

5/ Using a buoyancy aid, swim with the baby supported on the parent’s shoulder/chest.

6/ Exiting the pool safely.



Our Program Goals


For every child to find swimming lessons an enjoyable experience!


To teach water safety skills and survival as a priority.

Swimming Skills

For every child we touch to enhance their swiming skills.


To promote physical fitness and health in children.


To prioritise physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Our Promises To You!

1. Your child is at the centre of what we do!

Our teachers are constantly looking at your childs stage of development, self esteem and confidence and tailoring the approach to the activities within a lesson to ensure they are happy, gaining confidence and developing at their own pace.

2. We never remain stagnaNT!

We are always reviewing our curriculum, systems and process to ensure they are the very best possible!

3. We believe in giving your child choice

If your child isn't ready to do an activity we do our best to adapt what they are doing to something they are more comfortable with.

4. We believe in giving you choice!

You can choose to buy our products and services or you can choose to abstain...we will not pressure you in the slightest!

5. Providing value

We know you see Marlins as an investment in your child’s future. Our lessons are worth every cent and we are continually told so by our customers.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Enroll your child in our baby swimming lessons in Mackay today to start their journey towards water confidence and safety! Our baby swimming classes in Mackay are designed to promote early water skills, ensuring a fun and educational experience for both baby and parent. Join our baby swimming program in Mackay and watch your child thrive in the water!

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