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While in our Starfish and Penguin learn to swim classes, the children’s communication skills come into their own. Language, responding to key words, counting, and listening all play a part in this level of the baby swimming lessons program.

Our Starfish baby swimming lessons are themed, and themes change every 8 weeks. It includes fun games and activities to keep the children (and adults) engaged and excited about learning how to swim. The program is designed to build water confidence and safety skills in a positive and nurturing environment.

Pool noodles are used in our Penguin baby swimming lessons in Mackay to enable infants to move around without the assistance of an adult, which frequently ends in the parent chasing them around the pool 😊. The noodles also help to build confidence and independence in the water. This class focuses on more gross motor based skills and movement in the water, as well as learning to wait, and separating from parents. It is a fun and interactive way for infants to become comfortable in the water.

A major component of our baby and infant swimming lessons in Mackay is personal survival, which is directly related to many of the learning outcomes listed below. This includes participating in our safety week three times a year, where the children learn how it feels to be in the water with clothes on.

Our infant swimming lessons are available to youngsters up until the age of 36 months, which is exactly the right amount of time for some kids to build and even regain their confidence. Some infants may find emotional challenges during this stage. (really, we hear you shout incredulously! With an emphasis on empowerment and encouragement rather than coercion or undermining, our teachers have received specialised training to ensure that activities are tailored to each and every kid. We move kids who have demonstrated skill, patience, and self-assurance in the water on to our Goldfish or Jellyfish learn-to-swim classes as early as thirty months.

Our Program Goals


For every child to find swimming lessons an enjoyable experience!


To teach water safety skills and survival as a priority.

Swimming Skills

For every child we touch to enhance their swiming skills.


To promote physical fitness and health in children.


To prioritise physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

Our Promises To You!

1. Your child is at the centre of what we do!

Our teachers are constantly looking at your childs stage of development, self esteem and confidence and tailoring the approach to the activities within a lesson to ensure they are happy, gaining confidence and developing at their own pace.

2. We never remain stagnaNT!

We are always reviewing our curriculum, systems and process to ensure they are the very best possible!

3. We believe in giving your child choice

If your child isn't ready to do an activity we do our best to adapt what they are doing to something they are more comfortable with.

4. We believe in giving you choice!

You can choose to buy our products and services or you can choose to abstain...we will not pressure you in the slightest!

5. Providing value

We know you see Marlins as an investment in your child’s future. Our lessons are worth every cent and we are continually told so by our customers.


To assist every child to reach their full potential regardless of ability.

What are the learning outcomes for your infant?

  • Enter the water safely, without support, using safe entry, responding to signals from the teacher with support, and making progress towards no support.
  • Respond to key words, e.g. splash, kick, reach, hold on, turn, ready, go
  • Hold on to the side of the pool without adult support and move along the wall with or without adult support
  • Turn off the wall with or without support for the adult to swim away on the front or back, supported by a parent.
  • Swim around the pool with the infant holding onto the adult’s back.
  • Make progress towards swimming or floating on their back, supported by either a parent or a noodle.
  • Enter the water from poolside using a supported or independent seated jump.
  • Make progress towards rotating to a parent underwater.
  • Learn to balance independently on a noodle and move around the pool space, with or without adult support.
  • Assist and encourage the infant to hold on to the poolside and climb out unaided to sit and wait for the parent to be ready.

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Our baby swimming classes in Mackay are designed to promote early water skills, ensuring a fun and educational experience for both baby and parent. Join our baby swimming program in Mackay and watch your child thrive in the water! Our dedicated team is here to make your baby swimming lessons positive and enriching for your little one. Don’t miss out on the best baby swimming lessons that Mackay has to offer! Sign up today and give your child the gift of water safety and confidence.