Need a hand getting ready for your child’s swimming lessons? Here are some awesome tips to help you hit the pool with ease!

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Water Familiarisation, Starfish and Penguin Classes – Under 3 Years Old

  • All babies under 3yrs need to wear a “happy Nappy” reusable nappy available from reception.
  • Mum/ dad need to wear togs that are appropriate for swimming, remember that your child will probably grab at your togs
  • Sunscreen and hats are not required as we are an indoor centre
  • Towel

Learn to Swim

  • Swim caps are compulsory; we have a variety of caps available including, lycra, silicon and latex. Not all children are comfortable wearing them, so you may need to try a few and see which one they like to wear best
  • One piece togs are preferable for girls
  • Boys will find it better to swim in trunks or speedo type togs as boardshorts can make kicking difficult
  • Goggles are a personal thing, but we are recommended for the higher levels that are starting to swim lots of laps. Please ensure the goggles that your children wear are well fitting and adjusted before the lesson. Please note that the teachers will remove goggles at times throughout the lesson for safety practice
  • Towel
  • Warm clothes to change into during winter

Mini Squad/ Squad

  • Swim caps
  • One piece togs
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Goggles

In the cooler months the pool area is a lot warmer than outside. We ask that you dress your child warmly before leaving the centre. Please don’t take your child wrapped in a towel out in the cold weather. We provide heaters in the change rooms so babies stay warm once their lesson is finished.

We heat our pool to 32 degrees year-round, however… for any of those children who feel the cold more than others we have child wetsuits for purchase at the front desk.

How to get the most from your lesson

  • Ensure that your child has something to eat before they come swimming so they are not distracted by hunger. Try and make it a nutritious snack. This is especially important for afternoon swimmers.

  • Do not compare your child to others in the class, enjoy them for who they are and what they are achieving. Communicate with the teacher if you have concerns or questions.

  • As a parent keep your expectations realistic. They should be age and skill appropriate.

  • Be prepared and on time for your lessons, so your child does not feel rushed or pressured.

  • Consistency is important- try to attend each scheduled lesson.

  • Make us aware of any changes that may be occuring outside of lessons that may affect your child’s learning.

  • Let us know if anything happens i.e. bad experience, sickness. No matter how minor, we can then adjust our expectations if necessary.

At Marlins, we know how important our lessons are not only in instilling confidence but also saving lives; that’s why we advocate for year-round swimming instruction! Kids who receive regular swimming training develop the necessary skills much more quickly and can retain them longer. We do notice a substantial regression if children have off months at a time.  Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise too – imagine what children could accomplish when they have access to such an invaluable skill all year round!

At Marlins, we understand that year-round training is essential for kids to develop their swimming skills and remain safe in the water. That’s why we offer a continuous approach – so families can start whenever they’re ready!

Swimming lessons are the perfect way to make a splash! Depending on your child’s skill level, our prices vary (starting from $19.90) – so don’t hesitate to ask when enrolling. Dive into this amazing opportunity today and experience all that Marlins has to offer!

At Marlins, we offer the opportunity to make a permanent change in your lessons. Talk to our friendly front desk staff today and if there’s no room available now, don’t worry! We’ll put you on the waitlist for that class – it won’t be long before they’re splashing around with us. Unfortunately, swapping lesson slots from week-to-week isn’t allowed – but trust us when we say this is one commitment you can count on keeping!

At Marlins, we run year-round with the ability to pause your classes for up to 6 weeks during the year (in 2 week increments). Please note – we do not pause for less than 2 weeks at a time. Just chat to our friendly front desk staff to organise it for you. 

A Courtesy Class is a goodwill gesture by us – they are exactly as they sound…a courtesy and are not guaranteed (they are subject to availability).

In order to generate a Courtesy Class, you need to let us know you can’t attend your lesson at least 3 hours before your regular lesson takes place. Please be mindful of others and You can do this via your parent APP or calling Marlins on 4954 6188 (please leave a message if the phone is unattended). 

You can book your courtesy class through your parent APP. 

We have found during our recent customer interactions that customers weren’t taking advantage of the incredible Courtesy Class opportunities available to them as they were having trouble finding available spaces.

To ensure maximum benefit, we now require members to notify us if they won’t be attending a lesson so someone else can book in and reap the rewards!

Let’s make sure everyone has access to use these amazing classes!

I am so pleased that we at this children’s activity provider are exhibiting our commitment to fairness by going the extra mile for those who can’t attend a session.

We understand that when a lesson is running, everyone pays whether or not they’re there – which is why we provide an alternative courtesy class and goodwill gesture enabling them to join in as long as certain criteria are met. We also wanted to make sure it is fair for those wanting to attend a curtesy class in making sure we receive enough notice for others to take advantage of the freed space within the class. 

This shows just how much care goes into making sure every single customer feels included!

You can book your curtesy lessons through your parent APP. 

Now you can book a Courtesy Class anytime up to one hour before it begins, however, don’t be afraid to plan ahead as you can book your courtesy class up to 2 weeks in advance.  If you can’t see a space in a specific lesson, keep checking back as one may become available closer to the time of the class.  Just remember that if you keep making regular payments on lessons with us, then you have up to 4 months to use your courtesy classes.

If your child is in Water Familiarisation, Star Fish or Penguin classes then yes, you will be in the water with them throughout the lesson. These sessions provide a fabulous bonding experience between you and your child and is all about building their water confidence.

If your child is in a Toddler Transition class OR an Explorer class then please bring your swimmers as you may be required in the water with them. This all depends how your child transitions in these classes. 

If your child is in any of our Learn To Swim classes from Jelly Fish onwards then they will be in the water on their own, with a ratio of 1 teacher: 4 children.


Of course! We love when our little swimmers have support on the sidelines. Of course, keep in mind weekend are our busiest days and we are limited for seating room in the pool area. 

We sometimes find some students do participate more fully without a watchful eye, if we think this is something we think your child 

Will I be in the water with my baby/child?